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Hi! I am Kiran

Having personally documented well over 300 weddings, I have been fortunate enough to document some of the most beautiful weddings. I hope you take some time and visit my little corner on the internet, and learn more about how I can be part of your special day. I’m currently based in Hyderabad, but available worldwide where my camera might take me. I have a love for people who have more desire to get clicked and go beyond to get clicked in a fabulous way. We, the photographers, are capable of turning an experience into a tangible form of art.

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PixelMatrix Photography
PixelMatrix Photography

Photographs are part of human legacy and an instrument to document our existence

n over a decade, I  have personally worked with over 300 amazing couples.  I love documenting each couple's unique love story and presenting it in the most beautiful way possible through my lens. I approach weddings with a distinct editorial approach to my images. My studio primarily focuses on weddings. But no love celebration is too large or too small. I have worked with couples from intimate to luxury celebrations.

Working with so many couples with big weddings and being one of the few people they can truly vent to as all the planning is going down, I saw how stressful the traditional wedding day was for them. I saw how they didn't get to eat a single bite of the food they spent thousands on. I saw how they only got fleeting seconds to say a brief hello to their best friends. I saw how they never got a quick break to just take at the moment, to breathe each other in. And I knew there had to be a better way. 

Wherever your love story might take you,  I'd love to document your celebration.

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